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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you need to do when you receive your balloons?
    Balloons require to be looked after, we recommend after receiving your balloons that they are taken home or to the destination they required at after leaving the store. We highly advised against leaving balloons in their car for long periods as the heat can cause them to expand and burst. When you arrive, take the balloons out of the bag and place them in an area that is room temperature to minimise the risks from extreme weather change. Do not place balloons directly in front of a heater or aircon.
  • How long do helium balloons last?
    We recommend always getting the balloons the day of your function. Balloons sadly don't last forever and helium slowly leaks out over periods of time. Foil balloons retain helium for a longer period due to their structure and you will get float time between 5-7 days. Latex balloons have a general float time of 12-14 hours but a special treatment can be used which extends that period up to 2-3 days.
  • Can I release balloons?
    We highly encourage to NOT release balloons into the atmosphere. There is a NSW law that requires us to not sell over 20 balloons to any customer that will be purposely be released. A penalty of $1,100 could be given found releasing more. If it is an unavoidable situation, please contact your local council to understand their terms and conditions. If you purchase balloons from our store, make us aware if you will be releasing our latex balloons so we can use appropriate biodegradable string. Foil balloons are strictly prohibited from being released. If you want to read about alternatives or the regulations, please view
  • Can we inflate your own balloons?
    Yes! We provide a service to inflate your own balloons that have been purchased from a different source. Depending on the size of the balloon, depends on the inflation price. 11" Latex Balloon - $2.00 ea 18" Foil Balloon - $7.50 ea SuperShape - $15 ea Megaloon (Jumbo Number) - $15 ea. Due to them being an outsourced product, we hold no responsibility for faults or damaged balloons. We have a huge range of high quality latex and foil balloons in-store and online.
  • Do we hire out helium tanks?
    No we don't. Due to the rising helium gas pricing and the limited amount worldwide, we have had to stop hiring out helium tanks.
  • Can I pick balloons up the day before?
    We strongly encourage picking up your balloons the day of your function.
  • Do we have props (walls, plinths etc)?
    We have a large range of props that can assist in making your next event have that "wow" factor. From plinths, to mesh walls and arches we have something for everyone.
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